Forward to Happiness

Monday, April 16, 2018

Hi. About Me and My Online Future.

I thought it fitting to do a quick post about me and my online future.  I will leave this at the top of my blog in the future as foundation for my site and store.  

About Me

My backgroumd has given me life experience in many fields and lifestyles.  I have a B.S. in Religion and an MBA in Accounting.  I have served in both National Guard and Active Duty Artillery (tho am NOT favorable to war, violence, or veterans preference as there are MANY  more worthy occupations). I have been an accountant, retail manager, and stay at home homes homeschooling dad at different times.  Now, I drive Uber and Lyft by choice, until I can get my online business at a self employment level.

Where The Page is Going

I plan to add new products to this page weekly...products I crafted and repurposed and improved..till there are hundreds on here.  I plan to add a Garage Sales Finds page for items I picked up for resell, also.  I do not expect this page will be selling at the level I desire for 6 months, but I look forward to living it, when it does.  

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy.

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